Jonathan Hash



"Everything is so much more multidimensional than you could have ever imagined."  -- Jonathan Hash (2014)

This quote says a lot about my thoughts and feelings when approaching my artwork.  Especially in my series works, though really in all my work, I lay my inner self out to the viewer, letting them know what I think, feel and believe.  It's emotional.  It is about experiences and at most times the negatives.  I hope to show others that they are not alone, in the hopes of helping them.  Social Anxiety is the driving force but I enjoy the study of other various psychological 'abnormalities'.  Are things really as they seem?  There's a sort of politics to all things in life.

My love of nature, the environment, and its beauty and mystery drives me to create landscape paintings at times.  I want some of those landscape pieces to incorporate elements of the style within my series works.

My abstracts are emotionally expressive.  They are pure or raw emotion.

I map the world seen through my eyes and felt throughout and deep within me.

Music is almost always being played while I paint to send thoughts and feelings to me and then out to the painting.

I have a strong interest in texturing and environment art for video games.

I am an Emotional, Social, Political, Abstract and Landscape Artist.