Artist R.L. GIBSON (Rachel) works as both an illustrator &  xerographist with work in galleries from New York to Los Angeles along with commissioned pieces, including book illustration.  After years of working, almost exclusively, as a xerographist, Gibson is currently exploring illustrative work that combines traditional drawing with digital composition.  Work continues in both media.

“I am an Humanist. I believe in both the objective responsibility and the inherent possibilities that lie within each individual. I find beauty in free will but still find telling evidence in the power of heredity. These beliefs are clearly reflected in my work, from color to content. My own American optimistic need to believe in and honor the best of human potential also reveals my own insecurities and frailties. The irony isn’t lost on me.” 

Gibson offers two decades of experience as a juror, gallerist & arts administrator (performing & visual arts) in addition to her current position as the Editor of Art&ArtDeadlines.com, a quirky, food-themed art site offering FREE resources to artists.  While Rachel calls east Tennessee home, she spends more than half the year on the road performing & speaking throughout the U.S.