PetER Massing & Hayson Harrison


Artists' Statement

In collaboration with each other we discover how to conceptualize and practice our artistic disciplines in design and printmaking. We combine various media to express our response to many human conditions. 

Hayson Harrison being born and raised in South Korea brings a unique point-of-view of an immigrant to America. This offers a divergent creative context from that of Peter Massing’s.

These differing points of view intermingle and evolve during the art making process. In respect to the diversity of our artistic and cultural backgrounds we find this endeavor challenging and rewarding. It provides us with an opportunity to investigate how the creative processes broaden and expand our aesthetic vocabulary. As a result, our individual sensibilities contribute to the unique complexion of each art piece. 


Hayson Harrison, BFA Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA and MBA from the University of Richmond, Richmond VA

Peter Massing, BFA State University of New York at Buffalo, MFA at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH

Hayson Harrison and Peter Massing have been collaborating as artists for five years. Their work has been placed in juried, invitational, and solo exhibitions, their prints are included in public, private, and academic fine art collections. Recently, they have been awarded an Artist Residency at the Seacourt Centre for Contemporary Printmaking in Bangor North Ireland, during 2015 where they produced a body of work that include a wide range of mixed media prints and multiples. Current projects include the San Quinten Project presented by the Huntington Museum of Art in Huntington West Virginia that focus on the history of convicts that span more than one hundred years of mug shots.

Both Hayson and Peter are Professors in the School of Art and Design at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.