Artist's Statement

From my perspective, the most important role we have as artists is that of slowing people down to quietly observe - to understand and record, to be present in the essence of being human on this planet. My favorite art and the art I try to make is about what I consider to be the most real and important stuff of being alive: the strongest feelings, the most special moments, balance and beauty and the sadness that makes joy possible. 

This world grows more insatiable and impatient every year. Through art, the feelings, gestures, moments, situations, beauty and life that can be easily taken for granted or forgotten in our fast, busy lives and our profit/work focused societies are brought to attention.  

It is incredible to be alive and the planet that surrounds us is beautiful. Every day is full of gifts given us from the elements, the people we interact with and the places we pass through. Art reminds us of those gifts. 


Born in Texas in 1987. 

Raised in Antigua, Guatemala between the ages of 8 mos and 18 yrs. 

Thematic focuses: temporariness, life cycles and longevity, celebrating natural and environmental beauty, human impact on the environment, human emotions and presence, physical and metaphysical exploration and growth, femininity, strength and balance. Oh, and a good story.