Artist's Statement

Antuco Chicaiza’s paintings poetically document his life: his family and friends, his travels and relocations, and his cultural identities and political beliefs.  Like a layered visual diary, his works gather evidence of the events and forces that have affected him deeply.  

Chicaiza was born in Witchita Falls, Texas and lived there until age four.  He then moved to Ecuador, his parents’ native country, and from age four until twelve lived with his grandfather, a Salasaca Indian who worked as a farmer.  Living with him in a small mountain town, immersed Chicaiza in traditional culture, as well as exposing him to the mistreatment of Indians.  A formative experience while there was visiting with his grandfather the studio of Oswaldo Guayasamin, a leading Ecuadoran artist, and viewing his paintings and collection of Latin American art.  Chicaiza’s early experiences in Ecuador are an ongoing inspiration in his work.