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Guernica / A Magazine of Art & Politics.

The International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society.

Pavilion / Journal for Politics and Culture

Seismopolite / Journal of Art and Politics.

S1gnal / A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture


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Exhibits, Institutions, ARchives & Museums

African Political Posters. Columbia College of Chicago.

The Art of Politics. The Lawrence Alkin Gallery.

Mark Bradford. 2015. Scorched Earth. The Hammer Museum of UCLA.

The Center for Artistic Activism.

The Center for Arts and Public Policy.  The University of Florida.

The Center for Arts and Public Policy.  New York University.

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

Chinese Posters: Propaganda, Politics, History, and Art.

Decade of Protest: Political Posters from the United States, Cuba and Viet Nam: 1965-1975.

German Propaganda Posters.

Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age, 2001-2012.

I Approve This Message: Decoding Political Ads. The Toledo Museum of Art.

International Poster Archives.

International Poster Gallery.

The Labadie Collection of Political Posters at the University of Michigan.;page=index;c=lbc2ic

Of, By and For the People: The Art of Presidential Elections.  The Fenimore Art Museum.

Polish Posters.  Central Connecticut State University.

Political Posters. The Oakland Museum of California.

Political and Tariff Reform Posters. The London School of Economics.

"Politics on Paper: Election Posters and Ephemera from The Wolfsonian–FIU Collection." The Wolfsonian, Florida International University.

Poster Collection of the Hoover Institution.

Poster Museum at Wilanów.

Sahiyar and the University of Wisconsin's Grassroots Feminist Political Posters in India.

Thomas W. Benson Political Protest Collection in the Penn State University Libraries.

Witness and Response: September 11 Acquisitions at the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress.

Recommended Books

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